Geriatric Physical Therapy in Manchester Township, NJ

Geriatric Physical Therapy is a specialty that focuses on enhancing the quality of life of the aging population. Your body changes so much as you age. None of us can prevent growing older. At King Rehab Center, the aim of physical therapy is to get you back to living as normally and pain free as possible. We offer individualized program that can relieve your pain, increase strength, endurance, flexibility and range of motion, build confidence through a variety of enjoyable therapeutic exercises and activities.

Your therapy will also emphasize on fall education and home exercise program.

We treat all of the following conditions:

• Joint replacement
• Arthritis
• Vertigo/Dizziness
• Gait problems
• Healed Fractures
• Tendinitis/Sprains/Strains
• Body aches/Joint Pain
• Stroke
• Parkinson's disease
• And so much more!