Begin Your Therapy Today

Your therapy always starts with a referral from your primary care physician, pediatrician, orthopedic doctor, podiatrist or neurologist. Once the referral is at hand, you will need to schedule your initial evaluation. Once the evaluation is complete, your therapist will establish your plan of treatment and submit it to your doctor for approval. You can immediately start therapy and schedule for appointment once the plan of treatment has been approved.

1. Begin by going to the doctor and explaining your ailment. Then the doctor will prescribe Physical Therapy and will give you a prescription.

2. Contact our office to make an appointment with our experienced and delightful staff for an Initial Evaluation. The receptionist will then gather your information (please have your insurance card information handy.)

3. Optional: Download the new patient form by clicking on the link below. Then print and fill out. (if you do not have the capability to download this form, one will be provided at the office on the day of your evaluation.)

4. On the day of your evaluation, please bring your insurance card and a picture id and prescription by your doctor for our records. (all records are kept private and confidential, please see HIPPAA laws and regulations for any explanation.)