Orthopedic Physical Therapy in Manchester Township, NJ

Orthopedic physical therapy involves assessment, diagnosis, management and treatment of variety of musculoskeletal conditions including rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery.

Our physical therapists are trained in the treatment of post-operative orthopedic procedures, fractures, acute sport injuries, arthritis, sprains, strains, back and neck injuries, spinal conditions, amputation and others. At King Rehab Center, your therapy is focused on thorough assessment of your condition and frequent evaluation of your progress so that effective treatment will be done. Your therapy is individualized and geared toward restoring your previous level of function, either to get you back to work or hobby/sport or simple day to day living. Therapeutic program is design based on your needs which may include any of the following:

•Therapeutic exercise
•Manual Therapy
•Heat and Cold Pack
•Gait Training
•Therapeutic Activity
•Interferential Stimulation
•Functional Electrical Stimlation

You will also be provided with a home exercise program at this time.